Nip + Fab Glycolic Acid Skincare Favourites

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When I was younger I unfortunately had quite bad acne, now for anyone who has had acne or still has the terrible spots, lumps and scars will know that it feels like a loosing battle when trying to get rid of it. You dream of healthy smooth skin with no redness or texture. Fortunately as I got older (and wiser) I figured out certain products that made it worse and things that made it better. Fast forward five years now I am left with clear skin with the odd spots but still left with the scars. Enter Nip + Fab. This brand has made my skin the best it has ever been.


Why is Glycolic acid so important in healing scars? It is a gentle exfoliant and it acts by resurfacing the  skin making it look softer and healthier whilst being mild and not aggravating to the skin.


Glycolic Scrub Fix

I start off in the morning by using this scrub to deep clean my face. I do this daily. It is a non abrasive scrub with a creamy like texture with a micro exfoliant beads , glycolic and salicylic acid. A little goes a long way and once washed off with warm water leaves your skin feel so soft and clean with a healthy plump look with visibly cleaner pores.


Radiance Shot

To add moisture back into the skin I use this radiance shot. With the skin resurfacing Glycolic acid, fruit acids that stimulate skin renewal to make skin look fresh and amino acids to reduce pigmentation. This is perfect to put on your skin just before putting on makeup and not only does it give your skin a illuminated base but it also will be healing your skin underneath.


Glycolic Fix Serum

This is the last step in my skincare regime, I like to use this after removing my makeup and patting  this into my skin before bed. This is slightly thicker then the radiance shot so is perfect to go to sleep in as the aloe vera and acids heal my skin ready for the morning. My pores always look smaller once I have used this.

Each product has played a huge part in fading my scars and containing my new breakouts in general. All have the same gorgeous fresh citrusy scent and although they are fairly pricey, boots always have great buy one get one free or half price deals on.

What products have you found to tackle acne? Let me know in the comments below!.

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2 thoughts on “Nip + Fab Glycolic Acid Skincare Favourites

    1. Give them a go! I hope they work as well for you as they have me! They are on but 2 for £20 at boots at the moment! x


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