Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

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I am so excited to share this post with you today. I know my last post was reviewing a eyeshadow palette but they are my weakness after all. After a long wait I finally have the Naked Heat palette from Urban Decay. I have been waiting for weeks for it to come back in stock and it was definitely worth the wait.


Urban Decay have always been so extra with their packaging and they weren’t about to break character with this beauty. It comes in a thick cardboard box, that resembles (very cleverly I may add) a match box. Which is fitting as that is the design that is printed  on the inside.


The palette itself comes in a sturdy plastic flip box and I love the mirrored effect flame like ombre it really keeps up the ‘heat’ element in the theme. With 3D gold writing.

Unfortunately although the appearance is top notch, the mirror isn’t. I find it quit flimsy and cheap feeling. Not what you expect when paying £39.50.


Look at those shades all sitting pretty. This palette is next level and boasts twelve new shades. Including the perfect nude shades for using as transition shades, warm browns, burnt oranges and rich browns. This has everything you need to create a subtle warm day time look or a sultry night time one.





The shades are so deep in pigmentation. I only had to press very lightly with my finger to create the perfect swatch, even the mattes were lust worthy. When using I noticed how smoothly and evenly they blended out, even the darker colours were no trouble to work with. There is a little fall out with the matte shades but I do my eye makeup before my base so its nothing a makeup up wipe cant remove.

This is by far my favourite palette from the Urban Decay Naked series. They never get in wrong in terms of eye make up. I will be using this palette to death during the autumn and winter months. I will also have a look I created with this and some other goodies I picked up from Urban Decay so keep a look out for my next post.

What are your favourite Urban Decay products? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

Rebecca xox


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