Harper + Lee Charcoal Scrub

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There is nothing more annoying then dry skin, especially in the summer months when the sun comes out to play and so do our body parts. Last thing anyone wants is scaly skin and a patchy tan to go with it. I recently took a trip to my local Home Sense store and as always ‘accidently’ stumbled into the beauty section. I get all my body scrubs from this shop as they are such great value for money and keep me nice and smooth.


This scrub from brand Harper + Lee is a charcoal based scrub.  Activated charcoal is great for your skin as it draws out any bacteria, chemicals and dirt from the surface area. This will help you achieve clean and flawless looking skin. It is also a great thing to use on wounds or insect bites as it doesn’t absorb directly into the body.

The other key ingredient to this scrub is Jojoba oil, this is great as it is rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, B, and Zinc. This carries many benefits to the skin such as keeping it moisturised, reduces skin inflammation, is great for use when cleansing and reduces the appearance of stretch marks.



How to use-

Whilst in the bath or shower (this can get a bit messy), start by wetting the skin and taking a generous amount of the scrub. Apply to all parts of your body in circular motions,this will get the blood flowing and improve circulation making skin look more healthy and full of life. Then rinse off with warm water.

The great thing about this scrub is that it is mixed with a fine sugar so  it isn’t harsh on the skin and doesn’t have that scratchy feel to it. It is just enough to get rid of any unwanted dead dry skin leaving you smooth and silky. Plus it has a citrusy scent too which I love!.

This cost me £5 for a huge 538g pot that will last me ages! (I use this three times a week).

If you have a TK MAXX or Home Sense where you live I recommend having a look at their beauty items!. You can grab some serious bargains and its great for trying new brands you might not have heard of before.

What are your favourite body scrubs? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading

Rebecca xox

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