Jolie Beauty Luxe Glitz Palette.

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Hello loves, todays post is something I am super excited to share with you. This gorgeous looking eyeshadow palette that you would have spied on the feature image is from Jolie Beauty. I had never heard of this cosmetics company before until I saw one of them sponsored advertisements on Instagram with a video of this palette glittering away and I have to admit it did peak my interest!.

Disclaimer-  Since purchasing this palette I have become a affiliate of this company so any links or codes used will make me commission. That being said I will only ever give my honest reviews.


“Our LUXE GLITZ glitter eye palette is perfect for those who adore warm and hot, yet natural tones around the eyes, with a shed load of sparkle too. The five matte shades go from a pale pink, all the way into a deep pink rust. Each shade has a correlating glitter shade to compliment the look. Build a deep and beautiful eye look with this stunning eye palette. Water resistant shades, meaning true pigment and staying power.”

I love how simple, yet luxouriois the packaging is, in a nice clean white with a embossed sleeve and sleek writing on the front. Hopefully this should be easy to clean off if it gets dirty.

Being the eyeshadow hoarder I am I had to add this to my collection and was really intrigued by the glitters. This palette contains five matte warm hued eyeshadows and five pressed glitters. The eyeshadow pans themselves are larger then the average palette and in my opinion are huge! At the moment it is priced at a special introductory price for £25.99 and you can buy it here.





Starting with the top matte shades, after swatching with my fingers I didn’t have to press hard to pick up colour, I was very pleased to see how pigmented these were, as it is often not the case with matte shades in palettes. They are not cchalky either and are very easy to blend out if smoky looks are what you desire. The only downside is there is some fallout when using a eyeshadow brush but I apply my eye makeup before my base so this isn’t too much of a problem to me as I can just wipe it off after.


Lastly the bottom five glitters are the main reason I purchased this palette. As you can see in the swatches above they did not disappoint. Look at all that glittery pigmented goodness!. You don’t need any adhesive with this to fix the glitter  just simply apply like you would a normal shimmer eyeshadow. I have found that dabbing them on with my finger is the best way to apply as it can look a little patchy using a brush. Like the mattes above there is also quite a bit of fallout with the glitters too.

All in all I am very pleased with this palette and it was definitely worth the click bait of the ad! The colours provided are all shades I will get round to using and the glitters on a day when I’m feeling being a bit ‘extra’ or for a night out and especially during the Christmas/new year period.

Their website is worth checking out as they also sell some cute makeup brushes, tools, eye lashes, lip colours and a 24 glitter palette that is next on my list!.

I have a affiliate code for all you beauties that might be interested. Use code ‘ALL THINGS’ at the checkout to get 10% off your order.

Have you ever tried pressed glitters?. What are your favourites?. Let me know in the comments below!.

Thanks for reading



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