Current Skincare Routine.

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This is my first ‘skincare’ routine post and I thought it’s a great time to post about my skin as it has been behaving the last few weeks  and I want to share with you beauties the products and tips that help keep my skin clear and that are helping fade my acne scars.

Before I get into everything I use/do I want to mention my skin background. When I was younger I suffered with bad acne. I was lucky enough to be on Nadifloxacin medication that helped clear it up for me but was was left with scars. I now have dry and sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts. Stress, products that don’t agree with me and the time of the month are the main culprits for why I break out.





In the morning I like to start off by using the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Scrub to remove all dead skin, I love this as it is gentle on the skin but just enough to get all the dirt off ready for me to moisturise. I have been using this just over a year and a half now and have really noticed a difference in my old acne scars and how soft my skin is after.

I then like to follow with a oil to moisturise. If you follow my blog you will know how much I love my DIY facial oil that I created. This is packed full off goodies to plump up the skin and give it a healthy glow. It has vitamin e to help the appearance of scarring. I like to apply this five minutes before my makeup and allow it to sink in, it gives the skin a gorgeous glow and makes my foundation and concealer apply so flawlessly. I forgot to include this in the picture as I had just ran out but I also use the Nip + Fab  No Needle Fix eye cream, this is great at tightening the area and making puffy eyes less visible.



After a long day of wearing makeup I love the removal process. I start by taking the Soap & Glory  Off Your Face wipes and removing everything, making sure I go gentle around the delicate eye area. I like to use these wipes as they are quite damp so get rid of all my makeup. They also give a tingly clean feeling without irritating  my sensitive skin. Plus they smell like peppermint and peach which I love!.

Then going in with a small amount of the Elemis Pro Collagen cleanser I will massage into my face and then remove with a warm damp cotton pad, This will remove any leftover traces of makeup that the wipes didn’t take care of. I have recently started using this in my skincare routine and cant get enough of how clean and soft this has made my skin. Plus it feels like a luxiours treat every day.

I finish off with a face mask,  I cant be without the beloved Mask of Magnaminty from Lush. This mask stops me from breaking out. I have been without it for a week before and my skin turned back into a spotty mess!. It has a amazing cooling effect and is full of natural and vegan ingrediants. I found this works best if you use it every day.

Most people like to moistourise before bed but I am not too keen on doing this as my skin gets too oily overnight if I do which causes me too break out. However if I do get a nasty spot I like to dry it up using the  Mario Badescu Drying Lotion which I apply with a cotton bud and  leave on over night. I have found with my skin that doing less is more.


Derma Rolling

Once a week (normally at the start of the week) I like to derma roll my skin, which is a tool with tiny needles (ouch) that you roll across your freshly cleansed face, this helps stimulate the surface of the skin and encourage regrowth. By doing this regularly I have noticed a huge difference in my acne scars. They are fading and I think with continuous use they will soon be gone for good!. I don’t recommend using this on active breakout, acne or spots though as it will just spread gems to the rest of your face. Also make sure you clean after each use! I like to use hand sanitiser and water!.

What are your skincare must haves? Let me know in the comments below!.

Thanks for reading



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