Lush Halloween Haul

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As it now getting closer to Halloween I thought I  would get started on my Halloween themed blog posts. I was so excited for Lush’s Halloween release, Lush in general is amazing, but when they release their seasonal items I do let out a little excited scream!. Here is what I picked up at the weekend. There are some bits I missed out from the range because I wasn’t too keen on the scents.



Lord Of Misrule Shower Gel 250g £10.95

This is a repurchase for me as I first tried this last year, so glad it came back this year as I just ran out of my previous bottle (bloody good timing). I’m In love with the spicey scent of this, so great for the colder months it has a herbal blend of patchouli, peppercorn and black pepper with vanilla. Lathers beautifully and the smell lingers on the skin. Plus you cant beat that mischievous florescent green colour for the spooky season!.




Pumpkin Bath Bomb £4.25

It isn’t Halloween without some kind of pumpkin so I had to pick up this kooky fella, with vanilla and spicy cinnamon to stimulate the skin, it has a strong zesty scent with a sweet undertone. I cant wait to make my bath a bright orange hue with this.


Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb £4.50

I originally picked this up because it reminded me of a pink version of Mike from Monsters Inc. but when I caught the fruity sweet scent it sold me straight away!. It has lime, neroli oils and Olibanum oil to help relax you.


Bewitched Bubble Bar £4.25

Here kitty kitty, the perfect bubble bar companion for any witch this Halloween. It has olibanum and  bergamot oils and has a zesty blackberry fragrance. I haven’t used this yet but I have seen it being tested in store and is makes your water gloriously black and sparkly.


Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar £4.25

This was my favourite last year so I am so glad it has come back this year. Covered in gold glitter and with a fresh sweet scent, ingredients includes juniper, lime and grapefruit oil. I will definitely be stocking up on this one!.

So many great baths will be had with this haul and I will also be doing a Christmas lush haul in the next few weeks with some goodies I plan on picking up.

What is your favourite spooky Halloween treat from the Lush 2017 range? Let me know in the comments below!.

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