Makeup Look: Woodland Glow

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So you may have noticed that isn’t me in the above feature image and that’s because I recently got to work on my sisters beautiful face. She recently changed her hair colour to this gorgeous auburn shade so I wanted to create a earthy dewy look for her to match. I decided to keep the coverage fairly natural as she has such amazing skin anyway so I didn’t need much foundation/concealer. Keep reading to see the products I used in this look.

green13 (2)

green11 (2)

green4 (2)

Products used in this look-





  • PS… Lip liner pencil (shade toffee)
  • Pudaier liquid lipstick (shade inked heart)

That glow though! I had such a fab time working on this beauties face, let me know what you think in the comments below. You can also find my sister on Instagram at @amiifawn, she posts all kinds of beautiful photographs to brighten up your feed.

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