Barry M Autumn/Fall Eyeshadow Palettes. 

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I know I know, another eyeshadow palette review! What can I say that’s because autumn/winter is the best time for makeup releases in my opinion. I recently picked up these three palettes from Barry M from my local Boots store. These are their new releases for Autumn/Winter and since they were on 3 for 2 I had to pick them all up. This post is going to be longer then usual but I am so pleased with my purchases.


IMG_0111 (2)

Meteor Storm eyeshadow palette

‘With dynamic, light reflecting duochrome and metallic shades, Barry M’s Meteor Storm eyeshadow palette has 8 luxurious, highly pigmented hues.
Radiant on their own, the shades also work stunningly layered together for an infinite variety of otherworldly looks. ‘ –
IMG_0114 (2)
Firstly I want to comment on the amazing packaging of this palette, with a intergalactic  design with galaxy print and holographic writing on the front, It is contained in a thick cardboard flip top box with a magnetic lid.
IMG_0129 (2)
There is eight shades to choose from,  five shimmer shades and three duochrome shades that are meant to be used at ‘eyeshadow toppers’.
 IMG_0167 (2)
IMG_0168 (2)
Most of the eyeshadows swatch quite well but the yellow shimmer shade is quite chalky. However they did blend easily with a brush and the duochromes are so beautiful when they hit the light.  However I am not sure that the colour collection is that fab for how little choice there is as I couldn’t imagine putting some of the colours together. I will be using these with my other palettes to get the best use out of it. In all honesty I only  bought this palette for the duochrome shades as I have nothing like it in my collection.
‘Crown Jewels metallic eyeshadow palette will have you dripping with jewel tones. With 10 luxe shades to choose from, wear them on their own or blend together for an endless array of opulent looks’.-
IMG_0144 (2)
The second palette in the collection is purple and blue marbled print boxed palette. This one is limited edition, so will only be available for a short time. This palette is cheaper then others, priced at £6.49.
IMG_0142 (2)
With ten shimmer shades, this is the perfect palette to either add with other eyeshadows or to use them on their own. These have a gorgeous creamy formula and barely any fallout. They swatch and blend out beautifully. I am loving the colour range, there is a subtle silver, gold and copper shades then darker colours for a more bold look or for a smokey eye. Definitely my favourite out of the three!.
IMG_0163 (2)
IMG_0166 (2)
‘With a selection of 10 cool and warm matte, highly pigmented eyeshadows, Barry M’s Fall in Love palette is the ultimate combination of earthy and sunset hues. Wear them individually or blend the shades together for a new take on ‘classic’.’-
IMG_0154 (2)
 Lastly  is the Fall In Love palette that comes in the same size and functioning box as the other two, but with a matte, leaf print design and foiled text. This is quite a basic design but suits the theme of the palette.
IMG_0137 (2)
They’re ten matte shades to choose from. There is everything you need to create a matte eye look from nude shades for transitioning, red, mustard and orange autumnal shades, dark nudes, browns and a black to create a smokey eye. I love that this palette is all matte shades, as sometimes I like to just use a matte shadow.
IMG_0174 (2)
 IMG_0175 (2)
As for the swatches, I found it very easy to pick up colour and there was little fallout considering they are matte shadows. Very easy to collect product on a brush and they blend together beautifully. The colour range of this palette is amazing and ever shade compliments the others very well. I can see myself creating lots of looks with this, especially using that deep red and the mustard shade, so dreamy!
The last two palettes are £9.99 each but if you live in the UK then Barry M is always part of the 3 for 2 offers they have on so if you’re interested then that is the best time to pick them up!.
Have you ever tried any makeup from Barry M? Let me know in the comments below.
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29 thoughts on “Barry M Autumn/Fall Eyeshadow Palettes. 

    1. Make sure you swatch them in store first as some of the palettes I have seen before haven’t been worth picking up! I have to say they must have improved their formula this year as the pigment is incredible! x

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I have only ever tried the nail paints and a lip kit, I’ve swatched some of their other pallets before and they were rubbish so I wouldn’t of bought these if the option of swatching in boots beforehand wasn’t available! x

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Same I only really tried the nail polish and a lip kit that turned out to be rubbish!. I can see why just a palette of shimmers wouldn’t be too great on its own, but not so bad if you have all three as you can mix and match! x


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