Winter Skincare Tips For Dry Skin.

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When I wake up in the early morning there is frost on the floor, I can see steam coming out when I breathe out, the heating has been turned on and the coats are out. This all can only mean one thing, winter is here!. And while for most that means the start of the holiday season it is also the time of year that my skin turns to a horrid dry mess. I have compiled a list of skincare tips that help me battle my skin getting ridiculously dry.



The air outside is harsh on your skin, especially the face, it has to endure icy cold tempretures, heavy winds and not to mention any wet weather. We then go indoors to a dry forced heat that will leave your skin feeling even more parched.


Makeup Removal-

It will sound like a silly step as it is just removing makeup but this is quite a important step in any skincare routine, normally I like to use gentle makeup wipes to get rid of any trace of the days makeup. This is a step I change up during the winter months, purely because all that pulling and pressing on my face and eyes leaves my skin far too dry and aggravated from all the wiping motions. Instead I like to use a cleansing milk, this acts as a dissolvent and helps melt any makeup from my skin making it simple to wipe off with a soft cotton pad. This one by Korres is my favourite as it leaves you with such a clean feeling and a soft residue on the skin. It is also vey gentle on the under eyes and removes all traces of pesky eye makeup.

Facial oils and serums-

Facial oils in skincare are a huge thing at the moment and not just for dry skin types. Oils are a great thing to add to your routine as they have many benefits such a antioxidant properties, hydration, healing acne scarring and many more. I also use a oil blend of vitamin E, pumpkin seed oil, and rose hip oil that I made a while back as a primer for my makeup base to make it look flawless and dewy, if youre interested you can find that here. These are great oils to use as they don’t sit on the skin like some oils tend to do meaning they don’t clog your pores. Other great oils to use are Hemp seed oil and jojoba oil.

I have also started using a vitamin C serum into my skincare that has hyaluronic acid as one of the main ingredients, Hyaluronic acid secures moisture and creates full youthful looking skin. Vitamin C has a amazing brightening effect on the skin, helps fade scars and hyper pigmentation and generally makes the skin look less dull. You apply this before your moisturiser and I’m really starting to see the difference in how my skin looks without makeup on.

Don’t skip out on your moisturiser-

I think youre getting the gist that the key step is to moistorise, but which moisturser you choose is important. You may think changing up your lighter forumla to a heavy duty thick cream is the way to go but I disagree, choose a product with the right ingredients but with a thin texture so you get the best of both worlds. Avoid coconut oil for your face as this will clog your pores.  I have sensitive dry skin so need something to help calm it . I like to use the Boots Essentials Cucumber Cream this has cucumber in it that has amazing cooling effect, leaves my skin feeling supple and smooth and above all nice and hyrdrating without a heavy greasy residue. Best of all it is super cheap, I’m talking £1.50 for a 100ml tub!. I love to use this at night time too.



Mask those dark circles-

My skin around my eyes has always been a problem area for me, I suffer with hereditary dark circles and puffiness ( ta mum and dad haha) and I am always fighting a loosing battle trying to keep them bright. Winter is the worst time for this as I get a cold then my sinuses play up making my undereyes even darker!. I like to treat them once a week to a under eye mask that contains either caffeine or vitamin C. I have been loving the new Soap & Glory Eye Attack eye masks, they have hydrogel and cucumber and have really helped the darkness

Switch to gels-

In the winter months I like to change up my usual eye cream to a gel, Eye Gels are more soothing and cooling for tired eyes, for reducing puffiness as the main way you reduce puffiness is by soothing and cooling the area around the eye. Eye gels are also absorbed much faster so they’re great for busy people on the go as they leave little residue and you can apply your make up quickly. My favourite one to use is the Boots Essential cucumber eye gel, I like it for the tightening effect is has on my puffy eyes and the awake feeling It gives me, I also put it in the fridge as a extra cold compress.



Crème da la crème-

Although your body isn’t usually on show during the colder months it is still important to keep it hydrated, you don’t want to get to summer with dry knees and elbows now do you? I love to use a thicker cream for my body as it needs to cover a wider area and be left on for longer then my face. I love using the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter as its effects last ages and the vitamin E in it fades my stretch marks from having my son, I bathed in this stuff when my son was born and it’s something I will never stray from! The fact it smells like chocolate is always a winner too!.


Say bye bye to dead skin and dead cells, you cant start fresh with a bad base to begin with, opt for  a scrub that doesn’t have too large or sharp particles as you don’t want to aggravate your skin. I like to make my own with a mixture of granulated sugar, oats, honey and vitamin e oil, this makes short work of any dead skin and fading my stretch marks and is exteemly natural and gentle on the skin. If making products isn’t your thing then I recommend the St Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub.

Glove up-

Don’t worry I haven’t forgot about your hands, mine always seem to get really dry and flaky through winter and I hate it.  Too tackle this I like to use a body lotion and some cotton gloves that I use over night. By the morning my hands are so super soft. It goes without saying that make sure you wear gloves outside and keep a handcream in you bag!.



Scrub up your lips-

Dry chapped lips not only look horrible, hurt like hell but also interviene with any lipstick application and aint nobody got time for that!. Just like exfoliating  your body you have to get rid of any dead skin on your lips. I love using the Lush lip scrubs as they are all natural ingredients, so much so that you can eat it if it pleases you. Plus they leave my lips silky smooth and taste amazing.

Healing balm-

Lastly you will need something to protect your lips from the weather. I love to use Carmex lip balm  as it is extremely heavy duty and acts as a barrier against the wind. It makes short work of healing my chapped lips and I cant be without this in my bag!.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it can help you achieve great skin this season.

Do you have any skin tips for dry skin that  I haven’t mentioned here? Let me know it the commented below!.

Thanks for reading



25 thoughts on “Winter Skincare Tips For Dry Skin.

    1. Not fun is it haha! Yeah I definitely recommend, I have bought a few over the years just because they are so gentle on the lips and taste amazing! They have a cola scented Christmas one at the moment 😍 x


    1. Such a pain isn’t it!, I have started using the NYX orange concealer as a colour corrector before my foundation to get rid of the shadow and it seems to have improve the look of them with makeup on. Worth a go for £6! x

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