Bargain Dupes To High End Products.

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I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we all love finding a cheaper alternative to a high end product. Although I love using both, I am not made of money and some makeup is ridiculously priced for what it is. Over the last few months (since I got back to blogging in may) I have been trying all these fab products out and have come up with a list of bargain dupes to some of your favourite high end products.

Just to clarify I have tried all of the high end products that I have found dupes for here today, although they are not photographed here. So it is a fair ‘dupe’. Whether that be in the form of a sample size or full size product.



Soap & Glory Hocus Focus illuminator VS Mac Strobe cream

I was a little on the fence about posting this one as one is a moistoriser and the other is a illumanitor but they do give the same effect once applied to the skin. The Mac strobe cream is one of my favourites for a dewy base, so when I found this illuminator from Soap & Glory for a fraction of the price I was well pleased!. It provides me with the same, healthy looking glow underneath my foundation and doesn’t make my makeup apply any differently. There is slight difference in texture of the two but as I said the end finish is exsactly the same!. This costs £11 for 30ml and the Mac strobe cream costs £25 for 50ml. You can also use this a liquid highlight after base application!.

Collection Lasting Perfection foundation VS Too Faced Born This Way foundation

Both are two of my favourite foundations, but sadly the lightest shade in the Too Faced foundation is too dark for me because it oxidises, super gutted as I love the finish and coverage of it. Untill I found this foundation from Collection, although it is from a bargain brand it is the foundation I choose to you everyday, I have found it gives me the same healthy looking glow, covers a multitude of sins and also lasts throughout the day. The best part is that the lightest shade matches me perfectly and doesn’t change colour!. This costs £5.99 for 30mls where as the Too Faced Born This Way costs £29 for 30mls.

Freedom Pro Studio priming water VS Smash Box Photo Finish primer water

I received a sample of the Smash Box primer water and although I did like it I’m not a massive beliver that primer waters or setting sprays are that different in terms of what they have in them. After yet another TAM beauty haul I picked up this primer water from Freedom and as expected, it does exsactly the same job at prepping my face and keeping my makeup on all day. It even has very similar packaging! Seriously save yourself some money as the Freedom is £6 for 100mls and the Smash Box is £22 for 116mls.


Loreal Paris Paradise mascara VS Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara

You have probably already seen this in many dupe posts since its release but I had to add it here too. People have had mixed reviews whether it is the dupe or not but I think it is very close!. It gives the same false lash effect and has a VERY similar applicator wand. The only difference in the two I have found is that the dupe tends to dry up quicker. But for the money you’re saving its nothing a drop of rose water in the tube cant fix!. The Loreal costs £11.99 for 6.4ml and the Too Faced costs £19 for 8g

Freedom Brow Pomade VS Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade

Love a fleeky brow? but don’t want to  pay a arm and a leg when you can get the exsact same product for over half the price?. I picked up this brow pomade from Freedom when I ran out of my ABH pomade and I’m so glad I did. I can say it works just the same, just different packaging.  Its very easy to use to create a stunning brow and they do it in a brilliant range of shades. The Freedom costs £5 for 2.5g and the ABH costs £19 for 4g.

Barry M Take A Brow clear gel VS Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel

You may have noticed if you’re a regular reader to my blog that I use the ABH clear brow gel in most of my makeup looks. Well after a weekend of travelling to my boyfriends and forgetting my beloved brow fixer I had to pick up a alternative. I loved the idea of this one from Barry M because of the wand size. Although the wand shapes are different to each other the product itself has very similar formulas and make short work of making your brow hairs stay in place all day. This costs a bargain £4.99 for 10.5 mls and the ABH costs £23 for 7.93g.


Focallure 18 colour eyeshadow palette VS Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette

Saving the best until last is this amazing palette I picked from Ali Express. At the time of purchase I didn’t notice that it was a amazing dupe when I bought it but it wasn’t until I receive it in the post that I realised just how similar the layout and most of the shades are to the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette. Obiously some are different but that aside the palette is still beautiful and look at how well it swatches below,it has so much pigment!. The focallure costs £5.78 and the Huda Beauty costs £56.


If you beauties know of any other dupes that I haven’t listed here put it in the comments below to help your fellow makeup lovers out and save them some money!.

Thanks for reading



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