Ballet Rain Face Stamp And Eyeliner Duo

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I have noticed, this year especially that makeup trends and looks are becoming more artsy, bold and daring. Whether that be on the catwalk, films, makeup artists, bloggers or just seeing people day to day. This Christmas I have been loving the ‘tattoo stamp’ trend. Think of the gorgeous tattooed stars that the beautiful Kat Von D has adorned her face with. Now you can have that too without the pain or the commitment of it being there forever!.

IMG_0437 (2)

I picked up two of these face stamps from EBay from a brand I have never heard of before called ‘Ballet Rain’. You can find these here. They’re four designs to choose from (heart, star, moon and smiley face). I chose the heart and the star as it is what I’d mostly use.

IMG_0454 (2)

The great thing about these is that it is a double ended product. On one side is a liquid eyeliner with a firm tip to create a precise wing and the other side is the stamp design. Everything you need to create a graphic eye in minutes!. Super easy to wipe off at the end of the day/night just like any other regular liner.

IMG_0467 (2)

There is no need to put any liquid liner onto the stamps as they already come loaded with the most pigmented jet black liner. It’s super easy to get creative with, and cost just £2.98 each, such a bargain and I can’t wait to get starry eyed with this for my Christmas Day makeup!.

IMG_0400 (2)

What has been your favourite ‘makeup trend’ this Christmas period?. Let me know it the comments below!

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20 thoughts on “Ballet Rain Face Stamp And Eyeliner Duo

  1. Haha it’s so funny that I came across this blog because I keep adding and deleting to and from my cart a similar product by Milk that’s sold at Sephora. I over-love the dual functuality of the pens! I’m pretty sure this version is also cheaper than Milk’s so I will definitely be giving this product a clickaroo! Great post,


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