Miss Patisserie Bath Haul And Review

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Hello beauties, my favourite thing in the evening is a good bath to relax and wash the day off and i rarely have one without adding some kind of bubble bath, bar or bomb to the water. At Christmas I was gifted these three items from family and I had never heard of the brand before so I was really excited to try them out and reveiw them for you beauties.

Disclaimer- This post contains affiliate links which may make me a small commission, that being said all opinions and reviews are my own and I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t love and wouldn’t buy myself.

Miss Patisserie create cruelty free and vegan bath and body products that use natural ingredients that nourish the body. They sell funky bath balls, slabs, crumble, melts, soaps, body scrubs, soufflés, perfume, candles, face products and much more.

Miss Patisserie Watermelon Sugar Scrub

I hate having dry skin and always like to use a body scrub in my shower/bath routine. The scrub comes in a air tight glass jar and has a simple yet effective packaging, letting the product inside do all the talking. The scrub contains jojoba and sweet almond oils that moisturise and hydrate the skin as well as exfoliating sugar to scrub off any dead skin and leave your skin smooth.

Directions: Give the scrub a good stir before using, take a small amount and massage into body in circular motions, then rinse with warm water!.

This has a gorgeous sweet watermelon scent that reminds me of the daiquiri cocktails, a little goes a long way with this and I never have to moisturise after the bath as it leaves a slight residue on your body. My favourite thing about this scrub is how gentle it is on the skin, I hate ones that are really scratchy. This costs £13 for 480g.

Miss Patisserie Bath Crumble

I had never tried a bath crumble before using this, it is basically a crushed up bath bomb mixture in a bag. I love the blue and pink colours.

Directions: Sprinkle desired amount into a warm bath.

You only need a small amount to create gorgeous bright coloured foamy water that has a citrusy scent. I think that this is a cheaper alternative to buying just one bath bomb as you can get many baths from this 400g bag. And it only costs £6.50!.

Miss Patisserie Let it snow Bath Slab

Unfortunately I have looked everywhere trying to find a link to this but it was part of their limited edition Christmas range so its no longer for sale. They do however have other different flavoured ones that they sell. This is the same kind of formula as the bath crumble just in a  solid slab/bar shape. I love the bright pink design with the cosmetics silver and gold detailing.

Directions: Break of a chunk or two and add to a warm bath.

This creates the most luxurious pink water and I was pleasantly surprised on just how colourful two small cubes made it, you get two slabs in the box which is enough for roughly 8 baths, depending on how sparingly you use them. this slab in particular has a sweet, floral scent and costs £5 for 210g

Overall I am so pleased with this brand and the products I tried, I cant wait to try more from them, especially their coffee body scrubs!.

What are your favourite bath product companies? Let me know in the comments below!.

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