Eyewake Collagen Eye Gel

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Hello beauties, a few weeks ago I was kindly contacted by the lovely Lucy from Eyewake and was asked to try out and review their collagen eye gel. I have been testing it out for two weeks now to give it a fair and honest review for you beauties.

What is Eyewake?

Eyewake is a natural formula collagen gel which revitalises your skin, removing dark circles and puffy eyes.

The anti-ageing natural ingredients are rich in Omegas, vitamins and antioxidants with elastin boost for skin vitality

What first attracted me to this Eye Gel is that they have a partnership with the amazing charity Womens Aid. For every Eyewake sold, a donation is made. I love brands that give back to amazing causes. You can find out his here.

Ingredients list picture below.

Now onto my thoughts on the product.


The gel comes in a sturdy white tube with a pump. Unfortunately I think they could have done more with the packaging to make it look more appealing but like the saying goes it’s what’s inside that counts!.One pump is more then enough product for both eyes, I actually found myself using just half a pump as one full one was too much and I was wasting it. I can see this lasting me a long time with that in mind.

How to use:

– Pump the gel out of the bottle and rub it between your fingers;

– Apply the gel onto the skin below your eyes;

– Massage the gel until you have an even covering around your eyes;

– Leave the gel to sink into the skin

Did it work?

I have dark circles and always wake up in the morning with puffy eyes so a eye cream is a must for me before I put on any makeup. Once pumped out you will feel it’s thick gel texture, once patted into the eye area though it does seem to have a thinner consistency, this didn’t bother me as it dries super quick, which is ideal for those in that are in a rush in the morning. It feels so cool and refreshing on the under eye area and definitely makes you look and feel more awake.

Did it banish my dark circles though? It did make them brighter straight after using but hasn’t made them brighter long term. It has made my under eyes so much more hydrated though and has stopped some of my concealers from looking dry thanks to keeping my under eye moisturised.

I think this would be a amazing product for those that have puffy skin around the eyes as this has tightened up my eye area a treat. This is also great if you prefer a eye product with no smell as this has no scent to it.

It is currently £22.95 for 30ml on their website here or currently on offer for £14.95 on their amazon here.

Thank you to the Eyewake team for sending this my way!.

Have you tried this eye gel? Let me know how it worked for you in the comments below.

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15 thoughts on “Eyewake Collagen Eye Gel

    1. That’s the dream ❤️ I haven’t come across one that does that yet, only tightens the eye area or makes them brighter for a little while. Maybe we should get inventing 😂. Thanks for reading sweet x


  1. This sounds nice! I don’t know if it would for me, I need something more for darkness and fine lines. However, I like that it’s a gel instead of a cream! 😊

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