Bargain Dupes To High End Products Part 2

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Hello beauties, this is my second dupes post on my blog and I have to admit they are among my favourites to write about as I love saving money and getting a good bargain. If you’re interested in reading part 1 you can find that here. Today’s post is some fab makeup products that I feel are amazing duplicates of brands including Benefit, Nars, ABH, Makeup Forever and Huda Beauty.

Disclaimer- This post contains affiliate links which may make me a small commission, that being said all opinions and reviews are honest and my own.

W7 On The Rocks Eyeshadow Palette

Let start with a palette that everyone who has significant knowledge about makeup will know is duping the Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Subculture’ palette. I’ve been after an amazing dupe of this for ages as I just can’t bring myself to spend £43 on an eyeshadow palette that had so many bad reviews. This palette however is spot on. The shades are super pigmented, especially the shimmer shades and look exactly the same (even the packaging inside looks the same). With a price tag of £7 which is a steal! The only downside to this palette is that it does have some fallout but nothing compared to videos I’ve seen of the real thing! I will be doing a separate review of this palette and another W7 palette soon which will include swatches! I did review the Revolution ‘Division’palette which is also a dupe but I find the pigmentation in this one so much better!

Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick

I recently reviewed this foundation so I’ll insert the link here so you can read my full thoughts but I found this foundation stick to be extremely similar if not the same as one of my favourite stick foundations, the Makeup Forever HD foundation stick. It has a medium coverage and the most gorgeous dewy finish just like the MUF one. It also lasts the same amount of time so the only real difference is the price tag. The Revolution Fast Base costs £5 and the MUF costs £30

I Heart Revolution Chocolate  Rose Gold Palette

I recently reviewed this palette here, where I mentioned that this was an obvious dupe for the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette. The colours are almost spot on and the pigmentation is incredible, especially the shimmers which are so creamy and blinding. A definite steal at only £8.99  compared to the £56 that the Huda palette costs.

Colour Pro Shimmer & Glow Highlight Powder

My favourite find and the dupe I’m most excited to tell you all about is this gorgeous golden highlight from a cheapy brand called Colour Pro. If you haven’t already guessed it, it’s an amazing dupe for the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy highlighter and as much as I love the real, I will even go as far as to say the dupe is more pigmented!. The only downside is that I couldn’t find it anywhere else online other than the shop I originally bought it from (linked above). So if you live in the UK and have a The Range store near you then seriously go and pick this up, you won’t regret it. It costs a amazing £2.99 which is a bargain compared to the £29 that the Amrezy costs.

W7 Matte Me Up Blusher

Another W7 purchase, this incredible pink blush. I love a pink blush and one of my favourite blushes is from Nars in the shade ‘gaiety’, but since all the bad press about them going from cruelty free to testing on animals I’ve stopped buying from them. So to find this dupe that only cost me £1.99 compared to £24 was incredible. I have to go very careful with my brush when picking up this powder as it’s so pigmented!

Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel

This brow gel from Essence was a total YouTube influenced buy. I watched a video comparing it to the Benefit Gimme Brow Gel and was so pleased by the end result I had to try it for myself. I tried a sample when benefits brow range was brand new and really enjoyed it, what I didn’t enjoy was the price. The Essence Make Me Brow has exactly the same natural finish and helps fill in my sparse brows while keeping them in place, even the spoolie is very similar to the Benefit Gimme Brow. The Essence costs £2.50 and the Benefit costs £20.50

Essence False Lash Princess Mascara

When I first got my hands on the hyped up Benefit BADgal BANG mascara I really loved how it made my lashes look but noticed how similar an already loved mascara from Essence was. The Princess False Lash Mascara gives the same long and full effect, is less clumpy and has a very similar long thing brush to get to the inner lashes. If you’re on a budget then this is a great dupe for you as the Essence costs £3.30 and the Benefit costs £21.50.

Have you tried or will you be trying out these dupes? Let me know in the comments below!

Also if you know of any other amazing dupes then leave them in the comments below for your fellow bloggers/readers!

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30 thoughts on “Bargain Dupes To High End Products Part 2

  1. That W7 Subculture palette looks so similar I thought it was the original ahaha I feel the
    same about it, I want it but the reviews are such a turn off! I need the W7 one, so pretty, ABH just has a lot of fall down

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I might actually look into the W7 Subculture dupe. I briefly had the actual subculture palette, but found it too time consuming to actually work with to keep it!

    I also wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for an award! If you get a chance, check out my post on it!

    Liked by 1 person

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