Spring/Summer Lookbook 2018

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Hello beauties, today’s post is something I’m super nervous about. I’ve decided to venture into YouTube and aim to post makeup tutorials, hauls, look books,Vlogs and other funny lifestyle videos. I will still be writing two blog posts a week as usual but hope to post a video to YouTube at least once a week!

My first video is a Spring/Summer Lookbook with everything I’ve been wearing this spring and summer! I’d love it it if you could take a look and give me a like like and subscribe. Please excuse the quality, this was filmed on my old one and I currently have a new one to film bee content with! They will improve I promise!

*Turn up quality to 1080 before watching


What did you beauties think of my first video? Let me know in the comments below

You can also find me on Instagram and Twitter!.

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37 thoughts on “Spring/Summer Lookbook 2018

  1. This is your first video?! You look so much more comfortable in front of the camera than me.. and I was sat down the whole time 🙈
    I love this though, you look amazing! And whoever filmed it did a great job too 😊

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