Testing Out Benefit Brow Products: KA Brow And Gimme Brow+

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Hello beauties, You may or may not know that I recently had a hair colour change back to my lighter natural hair colour, I’m absolutely loving it but only had brow products that were suited to dark brown or black hair. I thought it was a great time to treat myself to some new brow products to try. I decided to pick up two products from the Benefit brow range.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions honest and my own.

I decided to pick up the KA BROW Pomade as I am used to using the ABH Dip Brow and also picked up the GIMME BROW gel as I love using it after a Pomade to not only spike up my brows but keep them in place. I have been opting for a more natural looking brow recently but still have sparse areas at the tail of the brow that need filling.

Ka-BROW Eyebrow Cream Gel Colour


The gel comes in a clear glass jar with a pretty silver lid that twists off. At the top you will find a angled brush that pulls out for you to apply the product onto your brows. I found this brush really handy to use as it managed to create really natural looking brow hairs as it was so small and precise. This is extremely travel friendly due to the size which always a plus for me.


The formula of this gel/pomade isn’t creamy and is tougher then ones I’ve used in the past, this isn’t a bad thing however. It’s super easy to pick up colour onto the brush and transfer it into the brows. It provides the most gorgeous hair like brows and a natural finish. So if you like a full on brow you may have to go in a few times to get that level of pigmentation. As it’s a stiffer formula I found this dried down fairly quickly which I loved as I worry about my brows smudging throughout the day.


This cost £20.50 for 3g which admittedly is pricy, but I’m used to paying £19 for the ABH Pomade which I find far too pigmented for a natural looking brow. A little does goes a long way with the Ka Brow and ‘Shade 3’ worked perfect for my hair colour so I will definitely be repurchasing.

Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel


One thing I was slightly disappointed in when i received this was the size, I honestly thought they had sent me a travel sized version but no it’s the full sized. The gel comes in a sturdy plastic tube which again is amazing for travel due to the size. How cute is the little wand it comes with though? It makes it super easy to get into all the brow hairs to direct them upwards. I have read that this is this reformulated version of Gimme Brow hence the added +.


This has a very gloopy kind of formula, it’s not sticky however. It’s super easy to apply to the brow and isn’t messy at all. This has a very sheer pigment to it and has just the right amount of cover to give a natural look. Perfect for those who like a slight tint to finish but I wouldn’t recommend this to people who love a very strong brow unless you were looking to just set the brows with this.


This costs £20.50 for 3g which to me is way too pricey, it’s just so small. I love the look of the brow and how well it stays put with this but I’m going to go through this too quickly to justify spending out on it each time. If it was larger and say the same size as a average mascara I wouldn’t mind, so I will be sticking with my trusting ABH clear gel in future as it’s better value for money and does the same thing.

Overall I really like both products, the colour was spot on and I adore the natural finish, it looks like I haven’t done anything to my brows and gives it that bushy look that I love.

Have you tried any of the Benefit brow products? Let me know in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “Testing Out Benefit Brow Products: KA Brow And Gimme Brow+

  1. I was so excited when I brought this but it just didn’t work for me. I think because I have quite a strong brow and the product wasn’t thick enough and I found it a bit dry and crumbly. Such a shame but my ABH dip brow is just so amazing I don’t think anything will live up to it! Xx

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  2. I love a natural but still slightly defined brow and the Ka Brow sure does sound amazing for that. I’m not too sure about the Gimme Brow though. As you’ve mentioned, it does indeed sound a bit too pricey for what it is and I think there are better alternatives. Great review and I love aesthetic of your pictures! xx

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