Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette. Swatches & Eye Looks

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Hello beauties, if you follow my Instagram then you would have seen in my stories that I managed to get my hands on the new Huda Beauty Precious Obsessions palettes that have just been released. I loved the formula of a few of the first palettes so knew I had to collect the gemstone themed ones as soon as they launched. I will be doing separate reviews, swatches and two eye looks with each palette. Starting off with the Emerald Obsessions.

A dream come true for those Huda-holics who can’t squeeze their palettes into overstretched make up bags (or those yet to sample her game-changing shadows) this Emerald Obsessions Palette unites a spectrum of nine pigment-packed powders – six vibrant duo-chrome shimmers and three creamy mattes – in shades ranging from mint or golden olive to timeless emerald and show-stopping peacock green.


They have opted for the same shape and size as the other obsessions palettes which is great for me as although they are small, makes for easy storage and are travel friendly. Each pan is easy to get to without accidentally dipping into another colour and there is the added bonus of having a mirror too! There is a metallic bit that keeps the lid down and the box is a sturdy thick cardboard.


Just like the previous obsessions palettes these have a smooth formula. The mattes are silky with a small amount of fallout and each shade is pigmented, with the exception of the mint green shade swatched below which was fairly patchy and needed extra work. The shimmers are what really stand out in this palette, they’re super buttery and have a really intense pigment. All shades were really easy to blend and I find wetting a brush works best to apply the shimmers as there’s a fair amount of fall out.


Inside you will find 9 shades, which consist of three mattes and six duochrome shimmers. There’s enough diversity in this palette to create a handful of looks, wether that be something natural or more intense. I really like how each colour compliments the other and the colours just flow so you won’t struggle with how to use certain shades.

Eye Looks

EmeraldUsing shade ‘6’ to create the shape. Shade ‘5’ in the centre of the lid and shade ‘1’ to highlight the inner corner and brow bone.

SwampUsing shade ‘7’ for the transition. Shade ‘8’ to create the shape. Shade ‘4’ to deepen the outer corner. Shade ‘5’ on the centre of the lid and shade ‘9’ to highlight the brow bone and inner corner.


The price of this palette is £25 and be found here.

What do you think of this palette? Will you be picking up any of the new Huda Beauty obsessions? Let me know in the comments below!

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19 thoughts on “Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette. Swatches & Eye Looks

  1. Wow these look so gorgeous. I don’t remember the last time I played with green or blue shades. I used to experiment more with my makeup, but now I’m all about warm neutrals. I need to buy colorful palette to add some color to my every day looks. xx

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