DIY Project: Festive Cranberry Face Mask.

It has been ages since I featured a DIY on my blog. I love creating beauty products from home and hope to do a lot more in the new year. Today's post is a fab 'do it yourself' holiday face mask, with festive ingredients and properties that will leave your skin glowing and heal up … Continue reading DIY Project: Festive Cranberry Face Mask.

DIY Simple Spooky Nails.

This is my last Halloween themed post of the year, if you haven't seen my others go take a look as I had a lot of fun creating them!. Todays post is going to be on a simple nail DIY to create some spooktacular nails. When I say simple, anyone could do it, I am … Continue reading DIY Simple Spooky Nails.

DIY Pumpkin Spice Epsom Salts

It's been ages since I last got creative and posted a DIY project. I had some left over bits from when I went on a bath bomb venture (tried and failed) and after raiding Pinterest I became inspired to make a autumnal treat to help me relax. I always find having a nice hot bath … Continue reading DIY Pumpkin Spice Epsom Salts

DIY Miracle Facial Oil

  Putting oil onto your skin?. Wont that just cause a breakout?. Wouldn't it make my skin look greasy?. These are all questions I had in my head at first when doing my research on different oils. Using oils as a staple in skincare has become very popular in the last year. I wanted to show you a … Continue reading DIY Miracle Facial Oil

DIY Eyeshadow palette

A pigmented eyeshadow is my kind of heaven, but most eyeshadow palettes do cost a pretty penny. I took it apon  myself to create my own eyeshadow palette. Keep reading to see how I got on and a full list of ingredients.   What you will need- 70% Rubbing Alcohol Vegetable Glycerine Powdered Mica Pigments … Continue reading DIY Eyeshadow palette