Halloween 2018: Trick or Treat? Makeup Look

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Hello beauties, what’s your poison? Do you like a trick or a treat? Here is my third Halloween look, just something simple but equally as fun!

Disclaimer- This posts contains affiliate links but all opinions and reviews are as always, honest and my own


Trick Eye Look-

Treat Look-

What side do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below!

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Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette. Swatches & Eye Looks

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Hello beauties, if you follow my Instagram then you would have seen in my stories that I managed to get my hands on the new Huda Beauty Precious Obsessions palettes that have just been released. I loved the formula of a few of the first palettes so knew I had to collect the gemstone themed ones as soon as they launched. I will be doing separate reviews, swatches and two eye looks with each palette. Starting off with the Emerald Obsessions.

A dream come true for those Huda-holics who can’t squeeze their palettes into overstretched make up bags (or those yet to sample her game-changing shadows) this Emerald Obsessions Palette unites a spectrum of nine pigment-packed powders – six vibrant duo-chrome shimmers and three creamy mattes – in shades ranging from mint or golden olive to timeless emerald and show-stopping peacock green.


They have opted for the same shape and size as the other obsessions palettes which is great for me as although they are small, makes for easy storage and are travel friendly. Each pan is easy to get to without accidentally dipping into another colour and there is the added bonus of having a mirror too! There is a metallic bit that keeps the lid down and the box is a sturdy thick cardboard.


Just like the previous obsessions palettes these have a smooth formula. The mattes are silky with a small amount of fallout and each shade is pigmented, with the exception of the mint green shade swatched below which was fairly patchy and needed extra work. The shimmers are what really stand out in this palette, they’re super buttery and have a really intense pigment. All shades were really easy to blend and I find wetting a brush works best to apply the shimmers as there’s a fair amount of fall out.


Inside you will find 9 shades, which consist of three mattes and six duochrome shimmers. There’s enough diversity in this palette to create a handful of looks, wether that be something natural or more intense. I really like how each colour compliments the other and the colours just flow so you won’t struggle with how to use certain shades.

Eye Looks

EmeraldUsing shade ‘6’ to create the shape. Shade ‘5’ in the centre of the lid and shade ‘1’ to highlight the inner corner and brow bone.

SwampUsing shade ‘7’ for the transition. Shade ‘8’ to create the shape. Shade ‘4’ to deepen the outer corner. Shade ‘5’ on the centre of the lid and shade ‘9’ to highlight the brow bone and inner corner.


The price of this palette is £25 and be found here.

What do you think of this palette? Will you be picking up any of the new Huda Beauty obsessions? Let me know in the comments below!

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Halloween 2018: The Party Pumpkin Makeup Look

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Hello beauties, I’m back with another Halloween makeup look, and today is this half glam, half pumpkin affair.

Disclaimer- This posts contains affiliate links but all opinions and reviews are as always, honest and my own.

Products used:


Pumpkin Base-




Make sure to check back next week for more Halloween looks. What looks are you planing for Halloween? Let me know in the comments below!

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Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions Palette

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Hello beauties, Summer is the season for bright colours, especially when it comes to summer makeup trends. I’m all for the ‘neon’ makeup that seems to be everywhere at the moment and wanted to share with you a palette I’ve been obsessing over since I picked it up. I have already used this palette in my festival makeup video that you can find here but wanted to share my thoughts as well as some swatches.

Huda Beauty’s Electric Obsessions Palette, a slimline edit of the most sought-after, vibrant shades – all you need to achieve an array of mesmer-eyes-ing vibrant eye looks. The ultimate capsule make up wardrobe, this unites nine ultra-versatile, buttery smooth shadows – three magnificent metallics and six saturated mattes. We’re completely besotted with the range of hues and textures and you’re guaranteed to fall head-over-heels too – especially with the beautifully burnished aquamarine and sapphire hues, not to mention the bright fuchsia and rich saffron mattes.


All the obsession palettes have the same small yet sleek packaging with a magnetic lid. They’re sturdy and amazing to travel with thanks to its compact size. I love how the eyeshadows are spaced out and it’s easy to dip your brush in without making any mess. There is a mirror on the inside of the lid but unfortunately no space for any shade names, which probably wouldn’t matter to most but is difficult for us bloggers/youtubers when looking for a reference!


This palette has three shimmers, a purple, cobalt blue and a aquamarine blue. All three have a creamy texture and the pigmentation is amazing. I prefer to use these shimmers with my fingers as using a brush digs out too much products due to them being so soft and creamy. There’s also six mattes in this palette, each shade is intensely pigmented and blend out so seamlessly. I love how easy it is to build up the colours without the formula being too drying. There’s barely any fall out with the mattes but a fair amount with the shimmers so it’s worth doing your eye look before the rest of your makeup so you can clean it up.


I really love the colour range, if you enjoy bright colours this palette is definitely for you. It has everything you need to create a handful of bold eye looks. I’ve swatched each shade below and created a fun easy look with the Red, neon pink, yellow, blue shimmer and aquamarine shimmer.

  • Matte pink with lavender undertones
  • Purple shimmer
  • Matte coral
  • Cobalt blue shimmer

  • Bright matte yellow
  • Neon matte pink
  • Matte teal
  • Aquamarine shimmer
  • Matte classic red
  • Price

  • This palette retails for £25 in the UK and can be bought here from Cult Beauty. I think this is a fair price as the pigmentation of each shade is unreal and you can definitely get some great looks out of this palette. It’s also a plus that it’s travel friendly due to the size.
  • Have you tried any of the Huda Beauty Obsessions palettes? Let me know in the comments below!
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    Kiko Milano Smart Fusion Lipstick

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    Hello beauties, I recently went to visit the Kiko Milano store in Bristol to pick up their new Gold Waves highlighter. (I’ve recently reviewed it here) I also picked up five of their Smart Fusion lipsticks as I was in the market for some glossy/sheen lipsticks for the spring/summer, most of my lipsticks seem to be matte and I wanted something lighter and more hydrating for my summer looks.

    Rich and nourishing lipstick.

    The creamy, enveloping texture leaves the lips feeling wonderful and incredibly soft for a long time.

    The lipstick glides on easily and the colour is revealed immediately.

    Available in 36 striking colours. Medium to full coverage.

    Dermatologically tested.


    Each lipstick is housed in a very basic looking black plastic tube with the Kiko logo printed on the front. I really like the simple packaging, sure it’s not very eye catching but it is very sleek and sturdy. The lipstick itself comes in a standard twist up bullet and has a pretty KK engraved into the lipstick which I think is snazzy.


    When I swatched these in store I was immediately sold at how creamy the texture of these lipsticks were on my arm. They’re super soft, extremely easy to apply to the lip and have that gorgeous soft sheen finish I was after. Perfect for that soft hydrated ‘juicy’ kind of lip look.


    I didn’t expect these lipsticks to have a great staying power as they don’t have a matte finish and I was correct as they fade fairly easily after eating and drinking. That’s not a problem for me however as they are so light and creamy that you can just keep replying without it looking flakey or dry as the lips look so hydrated.


    I’ve included some arm swatches as well as lip swatches of the shades on. Each shade had great pigmentation for being sheer lipstick, the only shade that didn’t perform like I’d hoped was the violet/purple shade ‘435’ which was a little on the patchy side.

    Shades- ‘404, 410, 414, 413, 425’


    Each lipstick costs £3.90 which I think is a absolute steal, a lipstick for under £5? Yes please. My only regret is that I didn’t pick up a few more shades.

    What is your favourite shade out of these five? Let me know in the comments below!

    You can also find me on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter!.

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    Nip + Fab Glycolic Acid Skincare Favourites

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    When I was younger I unfortunately had quite bad acne, now for anyone who has had acne or still has the terrible spots, lumps and scars will know that it feels like a loosing battle when trying to get rid of it. You dream of healthy smooth skin with no redness or texture. Fortunately as I got older (and wiser) I figured out certain products that made it worse and things that made it better. Fast forward five years now I am left with clear skin with the odd spots but still left with the scars. Enter Nip + Fab. This brand has made my skin the best it has ever been.


    Why is Glycolic acid so important in healing scars? It is a gentle exfoliant and it acts by resurfacing the  skin making it look softer and healthier whilst being mild and not aggravating to the skin.


    Glycolic Scrub Fix

    I start off in the morning by using this scrub to deep clean my face. I do this daily. It is a non abrasive scrub with a creamy like texture with a micro exfoliant beads , glycolic and salicylic acid. A little goes a long way and once washed off with warm water leaves your skin feel so soft and clean with a healthy plump look with visibly cleaner pores.


    Radiance Shot

    To add moisture back into the skin I use this radiance shot. With the skin resurfacing Glycolic acid, fruit acids that stimulate skin renewal to make skin look fresh and amino acids to reduce pigmentation. This is perfect to put on your skin just before putting on makeup and not only does it give your skin a illuminated base but it also will be healing your skin underneath.


    Glycolic Fix Serum

    This is the last step in my skincare regime, I like to use this after removing my makeup and patting  this into my skin before bed. This is slightly thicker then the radiance shot so is perfect to go to sleep in as the aloe vera and acids heal my skin ready for the morning. My pores always look smaller once I have used this.

    Each product has played a huge part in fading my scars and containing my new breakouts in general. All have the same gorgeous fresh citrusy scent and although they are fairly pricey, boots always have great buy one get one free or half price deals on.

    What products have you found to tackle acne? Let me know in the comments below!.

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    DIY Eyeshadow palette

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    A pigmented eyeshadow is my kind of heaven, but most eyeshadow palettes do cost a pretty penny. I took it apon  myself to create my own eyeshadow palette. Keep reading to see how I got on and a full list of ingredients.



    What you will need-

    1. 70% Rubbing Alcohol
    2. Vegetable Glycerine
    3. Powdered Mica Pigments
    4. Empty eyeshadow pans/palette
    5. 2p coin
    6. Tissue or kitchen roll
    7. Wooden stick
    8. Pull up medicine syringe


    1. Taking the medicine syringe, measure out equal parts rubbing alcohol and vegetable glycerine into the empty shadow pans, I ended up taking mine out of the palette as I found it got messy and this made it easier. Take both parts and fill up each pan 3/4 of the way. The alcohol is used to help with the mixing and  drying process towards the end and the vegetable glycerine will help bind all the ingredients, increase the pigmentation and shimmer.




    2. Taking your chosen mica pigment add half a teaspoon to the liquid ingredients. You can use any colour you wish and even mix colours to create a custom shade. This tutorial is only a shimmer based one as you need separate ingredients to make mattes, so bare that in mind when choosing your shades.


    3. Once fully mixed leave it to settle, this will allow both the liquid and the dry ingredients to fully combine.


    4. Time to press the liquid into a solid shadow. Take your clean doubled up tissue and wrap it around the 2p coin. The 2p coin fit perfectly into this particular pan with ease. Press down really hard and you will notice the tissue sucking up all the excess moisture, do this as many times as needed until you have a a cream looking mixture.


    5. Lastly leave to dry for 24 hours before swatching or using with a brush.

    Look how pigmented and gorgeous they turned out!

    All in all it cost me £10 for everything and I have tons more ingredients left to make extra for friends or to replace once I have hit pan. I also use the rubbing alcohol around the house and glycerine to make my own setting spray!. I cant wait to try this again and make my own highlight palette.

    What beauty or makeup items have you made? Let me know in the comments below!.

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    New In: Soap & Glory Makeup

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    So I may have stumbled into my local boots store yesterday and I may have picked up some new (well, new to me) products from Soap & Glory. I own a few makeup items from this brand and LOVE their bath and skincare products. Plus they had a free gift offer if you spent £14 on makeup. No regrets from me!.




    Hocus Focus flaw softening illuminator

    If you have read my previous makeup looks you will know I am a massive fan of using Mac’s strobe cream as a base. Having ran out on Monday and my order being cancelled on the website I needed a quick replacement. Enter this amazing product. I love the dewy finish this gives and it smoothes out the skin ready for the rest of your makeup, it also has the gorgeous signature sent from their bath products.

    Sexy Mother Pucker lipstick

    This came free in a gift bundle, with the eyeliner and highlighter. Its a glossy nude lipstick in the shade ‘love & o-beige’. It has a creamy formula and is very pigmented. Expect high shine and popping lips with this product.


    Glow All Out luminizing face powder

    This is my least favourite product of the four. I love a powdered highlight to be really bright and glowy and this wasn’t very pigmented, I really had to press hard with my brush to get anything and even then the colour payoff wasn’t great!. Luckily I got this free, and I wont be repurchasing!.

    Supercat liquid eyeliner pen

    You can never have too many eyeliner products, my favourite type being pens. I find them so easy to draw a wing with than using a slanted brush. This pen has a fine tip that makes it easier to get a clean line with a heavy black pigment.



    What are your favourite Soap & Glory items? Let me know in the comments below!.

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    Silver and black smokey prom makeup.

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    My sister kindly asked me if I would do her prom makeup last night. She wanted something to go with her black silk dress with silver gem detailing, I opted for a bold smoked out eye with a glam glossy lip. She has such a beautiful face to work on!.



    Products used for this look-


    • Mac Strobe Cream (used as moisturiser and primer)
    • No7 Essentially Natural foundation (shade 29 warm beige)
    • Collection Lasting Perfection concealer (shade fair shade 1)
    • Vichy Dermablend translucent setting powder
    • I heart makeup Queen of hearts blush
    • Sleek Solstice highlight palette
    • Collection Primed & Ready setting spray



    • Morphe Zodiac 12Z palette (silver and black)
    • bh cosmetics Foil eyes 28 palette (light silver)
    • Soap & Glory Kick into neutral palette (nude shade)


    • Too Faced  Melted long wear liquid lipstick (shade melted nude)


    I really enjoyed creating this look and her face was the first face ive ever worked on apart from my own!.

    I hope you like this look, let me know in the comments below!.

    Thanks for reading.



    Bargain makeup buys from AliExpress.com

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    Who doesn’t love a beauty bargain?. I’m obsessed with finding new products or even dupe products with cheap price tags that don’t skimp on quality. I recently bought a little selection from two sellers on Aliexspress which is a Korean selling site similar to ebay.

    Disclosure- All products mentioned in todays post were not gifted to me or are press samples.

    Before I show you the goods I want to just explain that there has been a lot of bad stigma around Aliexpress as it is known for selling fake versions of high end products such as Limecrime, Kat Von D  beauty, Urban Decay ect. Please stay clear of these as although the packaging most of the time looks dead on, the ingrediants haven’t been safely tested and could cause allergic reactions or skin irritation!. The products I have bought are not fakes or dupes of anything and all ingrediants are printed on the labels.


    Attractive Scenery Cosmetics Eyeshadow palette



    This little beauty contains twelve eyeshadows, seven mattes and five shimmers. Look at that gorgeous colour pay off!. Even the mattes are highly pigmented and at £3.72 its such a steal. I cant wait to get creative with the darker shades.

    Six soft eyeshadow brush set


    These brushes are very similar to the Real Techniques eyeshadow tools. They are so soft and fluffy feeling on the eye lid, easy to blend and bristles didn’t fall out when I washed them. Priced  at £2.76 for a set of six, giving you everything you need to create a stunning eye look.

    Qibest waterproof matte lip creams


    Shades ‘616, 610, 607, 633, 611’.



    Shades ‘602, 619, 622, 603, 621, 623’

    These are my favourite out of the haul, I bought eleven out of twenty three shades to try out before I buy more. Application is a doddle, they glide on easy, aren’t sticky feeling and they dry down to a matte finish. As you can see from the swatches this product doesn’t lack in pigmentation. They are very hard wearing and didn’t fade or rub off, only when eating did it start to break up on the inner side of my mouth but was no issue as its easy to reapply. These cost a amazing 95p each and had a bulk price offer for every 10 you buy you get a further 5% off!.

    Have you ever bought anything off Aliexpress? If so what was your experience?. Let me know in the comments below!

    Thanks for reading!